• No Surrender

  • Diễn viên chính:Scott Adkins Ahmed el-Sakka Ghadah Abdulrazeq Amir Karara 
  • Trạng thái:FULL
  • Đạo diễn:Peter Mimi
  • Loại:Hành ĐộngChiến TranhPhim Lẻ
  • Giới thiệu:During the 1940s, a girl was ***d by a group of English soldiers, and three young Egyptians retaliate. The British soldier is being held at the Karamouz police station in Alexandria, headed by General Youssef al-Masri (Amir Karara). General Frank Adams demands that the English soldier be handed over to him, but Yusuf refuses. The British army is led to block the police station, and enters a fierce confrontation with General Yusuf and the rest of the Egyptian soldiers.

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